HELUTBBH Femmes Dentelle Cuisse Bandes Anti Friction Frottement Aucun Slip Thigh Jarretières Jambières Dété Jambières 7 Tailles Dropshipping S 36-45CM Noir C FW0N3R27

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    • protégez votre peau des irritations des jambes et des frottements entre les cuisses et retrouvez de belles cuisses et une peau douce.
    • Meilleur choix de bandes anti-frottement partout, vous offrant une option pour chaque situation ou besoin de mode. Convient aux femmes dont les cuisses vont de 16 à 30 pouces. Dentelle Lavage à la main
    • wide top with 36 rows of silicone gripper strips on the back to stay in place Enjoy a non-fat, chemical-free solution to keep your skin from the inconvenience of scrubbing legs and chafing in between protect thighs and provides a lightweight and fashionable alternative to using bulky anti-abrasion shorts or anti-scouring underwear.
    • MOST IMPORTANT:A lightweight and fashionable alternative solving the problem of chafing inner thighs, chafing between legs, and the painful redness and discomfort that often comes along with it
    • PREMIUM FABRIC:Comfortable, delicately crafted premium stretchy lace made stays in place using two rows of non-slip silicone,so you can feel safe all day long,Thigh Sock Can be worn under dresses and skirts, used as a fashion accessory with shorts, and even in athletic or active situations.